The Fireflies may have a certified ace on their team. What enables Jordan Humphreys to throw strike after strike may surprise you.

Jordan has command, speed and youth on his side as an upcoming pitcher in the minor leagues. He's just 20 years old but looks like a pro. As of June 4 he leads the South Atlantic League in ERA (1.40) and is ranked third in strikeouts (73).

That may not be too surprising for guy who can throw in the mid 90s but Jordan's routine for games is. He's worn the same socks since his first start in Columbia.

"I got to wear the same socks every start. From the beginning of the year they're just low cut Met socks. With holes in them."

So holey socks are the sole explanation for this breakout year?

"In my head yes," Jordan said smiling. "I don't know if that's the key reason but yeah I think so in my head. I've worn them every start and I've done pretty well so I just keep it going."

Those unsightly socks and a piece of advice from a former New York all-star has given him the mindset to dominate.

"Billy Wagner came in and talked to us at the beginning of the season and he gave me some pretty good advice. He said each pitch is a new ball game. So I took that in and that's worked for me every game," Jordan said.

The Crystal River, Florida native is posting career highs in all major pitching categories after nine starts for one club. His eight wins are tops in the South Atlantic as well. He keeps a very simple approach when he's called to start.


"I mean anything can happen in a game. I just go out there and do my best and whatever happens, happens."

Back in April, in a game against Asheville, Jordan fanned 12 batters setting a single game record in strikeouts for Columbia. He has five games with at least nine or more strikeouts. The righty only has one game where he hasn't thrown at least six strikeouts. He is now ranked in the top 30 of New York Mets prospects.

Hopefully the Fireflies staff and Humphreys won't lose his magical socks on wash day.

Jordan Humphreys and the Fireflies return to Spirit Communications park for a 7 game homestand on Tuesday.