Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday. He was asked about Bryce Thompson and the process for him moving forward.

"He's been away from the team for three weeks, he's been in school here, there's still lots of things that have to go on here with his situation, but he obviously made a mistake, but he needs to be around the football team. He's not practiced in three weeks so he needs to practice. It's good for him," Pruitt said.

The coach was asked if Thompson could play on Saturday. While he didn't say no, Pruitt mentioned his conditioning would be a roadblock.

"It's hard to play when you haven't been practicing, right? It's hard to get in shape, we have to build up."

In his statement released earlier on Wednesday, Pruitt said he believes "Bryce can grow by following the plan the university has put in place for him." When asked what that plan entails, Pruitt refrained from going into details, but did say this was not solely his decision. 

"We're not going to discuss the plan, from privacy issues, can't really discuss that. No, when you talk about something like this, you don't just make a decision out on your own, you have to consult with people within our University and obviously we have," Pruitt said.


Tennessee sophomore defensive back Bryce Thompson will return to practice on Wednesday after being arrested in August for misdemeanor domestic assault head coach Jeremy Pruitt said in a statement.

“As university processes have progressed relating to Bryce Thompson, we’ve all taken this situation very seriously. I believe Bryce can grow by following the plan the university has put in place for him. As a result, I am allowing him to return to practice," Pruitt said.

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Thompson was suspended indefinitely before the season began after being arrested on the night of August 24 for misdemeanor domestic assault.

We'll hear from head coach Jeremy Pruitt on Wednesday night after practice.

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