When the two head coaches at the state's two major universities are in the same building to watch the same basketball player, it's noteworthy. You might even call it a full-court press by the coaches to lure Burch to their school.

Will Muschamp and Dabo Swinney had not been in the same building since their late November. But the two men and their assistant coaches were in the stands at Heathwood Hall to watch Hammond junior Jordan Burch showcase his skills on the basketball court and as much as anything, continue to make a an impression as to just how much they value Burch and what he could do at defensive end for their respective program.

On the court, Burch scored nine points in a 43-41 Hammond win. Burch is scheduled to be at Clemson's junior day today. 

Familiar surroundings for coaches

Will Muschamp is no stranger to Heathwood Hall as his son Jackson is Hammond's starting quarterback. Clemson assistant Jeff Scott has history too as he is a Hammond graduate who had more than one battle against the Highlanders in the late 90s.