As aggressive as Sean Pollard is when he is blocking an opposing lineman, he is just as aggressive in wanting to do his part to help kids beat cancer.

His second annual "All Off for Cancer" event was held Wednesday afternoon at the Reeves Center and it's held in conjunction with the Clement's Kindness Fund which raises money for pediatric cancer research and helps those families who are dealing with that disease.

Pollard got the idea after he visited the Greenville Children's Hospital last year and after his inaugural event, the second annual "All off For Cancer" lured not only his teammates but athletes from other sports.

One of the more entertaining aspects of the day was Pollard and his teammates having their heads shaved in support of the kids who were in attendance. Blythewood graduate and Clemson kicker Greg Huegel was one of the players who lost some hair for a great cause.

The goal for Pollard was that the event would raise $15,000.00 from those who sponsored the athletes who submitted to having their heads shaved.

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