If you are scoring at home, the first R.O.Y bus reference came in the fall of last season when Dabo Swinney said that Alabama was on the big time bus and the Tigers were on the "Rest of Y'all" bus.

Since then, Clemson won a second national championship under Swinney and the Tigers started the season ranked preseason number one.

But after a 21-20 win at North Carolina, the Tigers slipped to second in the polls and some national pundits took a few shots at the team, questiong whether they belonged in the top five.

On Tuesday,. Swinney announced that the Tigers are back in a familiar position as passengers on the ROY bus.

"I had an open week, so I went back out to the shed this week and I took the tarp off the ROY Bus, just took it off,” Swinney said Tuesday.

“I thought we were off the ROY Bus for a while. I just took it off, pumped the tires back up, gave it a bath, a little oil change. Went down there to the $5 oil change, fluffed up the seats a little bit. We're back on the ROY bus, man. Here we go!” 

The ROY bus will transport the team to Death Valley for Saturday's 3:30 p.m. kickoff against Florida State.