Texas A&M’s Jared Hocker was quite quotable on Monday when he guaranteed an Aggies upset of the top-ranked Tigers. When he was asked about the term "bulletin board material", Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney took that opportunity to go back in time when information pertaining to athletes literally was on a bulletin board.

“It had to come from some paper and you literally cut it out because back in the day you had bulletin boards," Swinney said Tuesday at his weekly regular season news conference.

"That is how you communicated with the players. Now, you know what I do. I just go to Team Works (app) and I hit all 120 guys. ‘Hey, have your butts on time’ or whatever I want to say to them and boom! In seconds they got it.”

Swinney noted that any emotion generated from said material usually doesn't determine the winner.

“That stuff does not last long anyway,” he said. 

“You better get yourself ready to play. It is about execution, playing well, but it is fun. That is kind of what makes the game fun. That is just the passion of college football, whether it is something that comes from a fan or a player from another team or whatever. Those things ... it's virtual bulletin boards, now. It's virtual. But, back in the day, that is what you had to do. You go and post on the bulletin board what time the team meeting was that day, every day over at the academic center. Everybody used to have to go check the wall. You're not doing that stuff anymore. They just look at their watch… I can’t. I'm still wearing a Timex."