The adjusting period to the new 3-point line is underway as college basketball teams have been taking part in summer workouts.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel announced in June that the arc will be moved to 22 feet, 1 ¾ inches for the 2019-20 season, matching the international distance.

The change will not go into effect in Division II and III until 2020-21 due to the potential financial impact on schools.

The 3-point line was last moved in 2008-09, extending a foot to 20 feet, 9 inches. 

USC head basketball coach Frank Martin is a fan of the move.

"The 3-point line moving back I thought was a great decision," Martin said. 

"It's just too easy a shot right now.  I think it's a great decision. Everyone adapts. Guys that can shoot adapt. You practice starting further out on the floor. Your spacing's better. Everyone wants to make the lane wider to create more space. It's not the guys on offense that mess up the lane. It's the guys on defense and so the lane can be 50 feet wide, my help defenders are still going to be in the paint. So there's not going to be freedom of movement in the paint."

Martin added that footwork will be a challenge because the line will be even closer to the sideline and that could mean more turnovers if players aren't paying attention to where their feet land.

Brownell and the Tigers are getting an early jump on actual games as they are in Naples, Italy for the World University Games. 

"You can notice when you're practicing that it's making a difference," Brownell said prior to the team leaving for the trip. 

"It may not look like a long way or a lot further, but it's a little bit noticeable for certain guys. Your guys that are your best shooters aren't as bothered by it and aren't looking around for it as much. But guys that are trying to stretch their range, the line can be a factor."