ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia fans may be upset about the loss of their undefeated status to the Gamecocks, but it's what happened after the game that has really angered some in Dawg Nation on social media.

Photos quickly surfaced from social media and even professional outlets like the Associated Press of South Carolina players taking pieces of the stadium's famed hedges as souvenirs. Players were photographed with pieces of the hedge in their teeth.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with the UGA crowd. For them, it was hard enough losing in double overtime between the hedges. Seeing them dismantled only added insult to injury.

"The @UofSC has a classeless football team and fan base for tearing apart our hedges," said Lucas Hetland on Twitter.

"No doubt he is the worst," Dan Bardgett said. "Allows  his players to rip up the hedges."

Some even accused South Carolina's coach Will Muschamp, a UGA alum, of participating in the destruction, though it's not clear in photos provided if he actually did or received the greenery from a player.

Some are asking for the players to pay for their actions.

"@UofSC @GamecockFB every player holding a piece of the UGA hedges in photos needs to be held accountable for their classless and illegal behavior," Twitter user @Atlbiscuit said. "Destruction of property is NOT ok."

The outrage was certainly palpable, but the celebratory practice by the away team isn't exactly new at Sanford Stadium. The trick has always been to get a win on Georgia turf - something that's been a bit harder in the last couple of years.

But the sports world saw even more outrage in 2016 when another Georgia institution - Georgia Tech - celebrated a 28-27 win over the Georgia Bulldogs (7-5) by ripping apart the shrubs and stomping on the G in the middle of the field.

Knowing that history, some Georgia Tech supporters are saying the damage sort of falls on Georgia.

"If UGA doesn't like the hedges getting plucked every time they lose at home they can: 1) quit talking and gushing about the vile weed 2) remove them 3) don't lose," Twitter user @jakeastron said.

Needless to say, the battle over the hedges will likely last as long as the ones between them.