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Penn State gives fans a chance to prove they're faster than Eli Manning's alter ego Chad Powers

For a fake person, Chad Powers has become quite the Penn State fan favorite.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — For a fake person, Chad Powers has left quite an impact on Penn State and quite frankly, the internet in general.

Who's Chad Powers, you ask? Well, if you've watched any videos online lately, you probably already know.

Just in case you don't, Powers is a 41-year-old walk-on who tried out for Penn State's football team last month.

And even though he came with a positive attitude, something was still off about the player.

That's because it was retired pro football player Eli Manning behind the disguise.

The former Giant's video was part of his visit to Penn State, where he awarded one of the university's football players with a scholarship.

The university was also one of "Eli's Places," which is a college-themed TV show streaming on ESPN+.

That video has since gone viral and now Penn State is giving Chad Powers fans a chance to show their stuff.

In a tweet Wednesday, Penn State Athletics announced a chance for fans to see if they're faster than Chad Powers... "Mustache and flow optional."

That shouldn't be much of a challenge, considering the mythical walk-on ran a less-than-speedy 5.49 second 40-yard-dash.

Think you have what it takes? Head to Medlar Field at Penn State University this Saturday, September 24, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. to test your speed.

Also, while supplies last, participants who beat Powers' time will get a t-shirt featuring his now famous catchphrase, "Think fast, Run fast!"

In case you haven't seen the now-viral "Eli's Places" show segment, check it out below.

ESPN posted the hilarious 15-minute clip to YouTube on Monday and it already has nearly 8 million views at the time of this posting.

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