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Fans gather to watch World Cup games at local bars

Granted the tournament is 7000 miles away from Columbia but fans are getting together to watch the 'beautiful game'.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Soccer fans of all ages gathered together Monday to cheer on the United States Men's National Team (USMNT) as they start their World Cup run.

Fans erupt inside the Cock N' Bull bar on Monday as the USMNT take a one goal lead before halftime of their World Cup opener. 

The bar sits just over 7000 miles east of Qatar, this year's World Cup host country. However, with the energy radiating from patrons  you might as well have been sitting in the stadium.

Kick-off was at 2pm on Monday, in other words- the middle of a work day. Still, folks piled in shoulder to shoulder to cheer on the team. 

This is the first time the men's national team has played in the World Cup since 2014, missing the tournament entirely in 2018. For John Shepard, who chose to watch the game with friends, it's great to see the boys out on the pitch.

"It's the first time in eight years we've been able to watch the US play in the biggest, the most important tournament in soccer so it's awesome to be out here." 

For Arya Data, getting to watch the World Cup in a community setting has been electric.

"This is the soccer World Cup, and this a soccer pub, might as well enjoy this beautiful moment with friends and celebrate good times."

Over in Seven Oaks, the British Bulldog Pub is gearing up for a long week of games. 

Owner Bill Quirk, a Liverpool native, says the restaurant is fully staffed, and will open early to show every game, even the ones at 7 A.M.

Dalton Sheeks stopped by the pub to watch the team. He says the US has a young squad and is optimistic they could make a good run.

"They're young! anything can happen. It's soccer, the ball goes one way, it goes they other way, anything can happen."

The US and Wales game ended in a tie, meaning the US will look to gain some ground against England on Friday at 2 P.M.

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