Greg Huegel came out of the stands and became an All-ACC kicker.

Dabo Swinney hopes another student can come off the streets and provide some consistency in the kicking game.

On Wednesday, Swinney brought in Drew Costa, a senior engineering major. He will be competing for the starting job at placekicker with Christian Groomes and Alex Spence. Since taking over for Huegel, Spence has hit on just two-of-six field goals.

“I told him he is on a day-to-day contract, kicking contract,” Swinney said.

“You know the NBA they have those ten-day contracts. I said, ‘you are on a day-to-day, kick-to-kick (deal).’”

Swinney said Costa has tried out for the team before but had hernia surgery the same year Huegel came on board. With Huegel sidelined with a torn ACL, Costa will get his chance to go from student in the stands to starting kicker.