Scott Manea players catcher for the Fireflies but Saturday, he was pitching for Columbia who hosted a therapeutic baseball team from the Irmo-Chapin Recreation Commission.

The Grasshoppers were on the field and whether it was hitting the baseball or catching, running the bases or running towards the dugout, it was smiles all around.

"It puts life in perspective, makes us thankful for every day," said Manea..

"It's an amazing opportunity for us to come out and help these kids. Just try to make their day and it makes my day and our day for us to see them doing something like this, something we may take for granted on a daily basis and it's just a really great opportunity for us to give back."

Adam Bugenske knows about raising a special needs child. He is the president of Leo's Pride which raises funds to find a cure for spinal muscular atrophy. Bugenske's child Leo was born with SPA.

"The kids that are out here throwing the ball or hitting the ball and running the bases, it's something they can go back to school when it starts up soon and tell their friends about it," said Bugenske.

"It's something that they'll talk about at dinner tonight and it's something as parents, to be honest, we'll be able to sit back and enjoy that moment."