Chennis Berry has already won at Benedict College and his team has yet to hold its first official practice.

The new head football coach at the school was introduced to the Benedict community on Tuesday and his first words at his new school drew applause from the crowd.

"One of the philosophies I believe in is we'll chase A's B's, championships and degrees. That's it," Berry said.

"If you're all about chasing A's B's, championships and degrees, you're built to be a Tiger. If you're not about that life, wrong school, go somewhere else, because we're going to be about that. We're going to chase A's B's, championships and degrees."

Berry also had a message concerning pride in playing for Benedict College.

"We shouldn't walk around with other universities on our chest. This is Benedict College. We've got to feel good about being a Tiger. When we're walking around this campus, we're talking "Go Tigers". That's how we're going to greet each other. When you see Coach Berry, he's going to say 'Go Tigers'. That's how we're going to say 'Hi' and that's how we're going to say 'Bye'. So from the time I'm here, that's how we're going to greet each other - "Go Tigers". That's what it's going to be all about. So when you see me, don't be surprised. From financial aid to admission to housing to the cafeteria, we'll say 'Go Tigers' and we'll be proud of it because the logo never comes off, guys. So whether you're at the Wal-Mart or the local community , the logo never, ever, comes off."

This will mark Berry's first head coaching job after nearly 25 years as an assistant coach.