Will Muschamp has already faced Mack Brown and Nick Saban.

On Saturday, he will square off against his former teammate at Georgia. The two coached together at Valdosta State and later under Nick Saban at LSU. It's no surprise that Muschamp and Smart run their programs with similar principles.

"I think philosophically, that's the one thing that when you are like minded with other coaches and you believe some of the same beliefs as far as how you want to play, how you want to play up front and how you want to coach things, and I think there's a lot of carry over between that," Muschamp said Tuesday.

"But there's been a lot of time and separation that we've actually coached together back at LSU in, I think, 2004, but I think philosophically, there's a lot of like-minded ideas."

When Muschamp was a fifth-year senior at Georgia, Smart was a redshirt freshman for the Bulldogs. For Muschamp, the former walk-on says his experiences in Athens helped mold him into the coach he is today.

"Well, I had a great experience. I enjoyed it probably too much there in my time in college there, but I had a great experience," Muschamp said.. 

"Coach (Ray) Goff, I still get texts from Coach Goff to this day. Steve Dennis, Richard Bell, Dickie Clark, all of those guys, Coach McClendon, Bryan's dad. All of those guys have had a huge. Darryl Drake, God rest his soul, all had a huge impact on my life, and Mac McWhorter. It goes on and on, about all of those men that had a huge impact on my life, and probably directed me to want to get into coaching, and I appreciate everything they did for me."