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A.J. Lawson is still weighing his options

The talented Gamecock guard remains in the NBA Draft pool while his head coach remains in constant contact.
Credit: WLTX

While South Carolina head basketball coach Frank Martin waits to find out officially what A.J. Lawson's plans are, he does so knowing that Lawson has received and still is receiving interest from a number of NBA organizations.

For the second straight year, Lawson is in the NBA Draft pool and has until August 3 or 10 days after the NBA Draft combine - whichever comes first - to make a decision as to come back to school for his junior season or remain in the pool.

“There’s no need to rush. He’s had probably six or seven interviews with NBA teams, which is what they’re all doing right now,” Martin said. 

“As long as NBA teams are offering interviews, I don’t see any reason why he should try to make a decision sooner than he has to. If no NBA team was asking to meet with him, I would think he’d make a decision by now.” 

Martin says he is staying in constant contact with Lawson and his family and all the conversations are nothing but positive. While he expects Lawson to be on campus next month when the team reports, he understands A.J.'s desire to see this process play out.

“They’re testing the waters, I guess that’s the popular term, but he’s still a student at South Carolina,” Martin said. 

“Whenever we report, he’ll report, too, unless he’s made a decision by then about whether he’ll stay in the draft. Great spirit, excited, all he can talk about is if he comes back to college, his enthusiasm for how much better he thinks he already is, how much he likes the team and our chances of winning. He speaks about all those things.”