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Charger practice is a family affair every afternoon

Head Coach Jessie Hicks allows a few of the players' little brothers to come to practice every day.
Central Chargers

The Central High School Chargers have a chance to make the playoffs this year.

But whether a postseason bid comes or not, one mom says they will always have a special place in her heart.

Demetrice Blassingame spoke with us about how it's tough being a working mom and raising boys in Central Georgia.

She's got an ally on her side; a larger-than-life coach who believes football is family.

Ten year old Kameron Blassingame is buddies with the Central Charger players.

He watches every move while providing water to the guys. His mom appreciates the athletic influence.

"I still believe in the village theory and Coach and the team have been basically my village for my boys." Demetrice Blassingame said.

Head Coach Jessie Hicks has opened up his village or practice to six kids this season.

They're all little brother's to the bigger guys wearing orange and blue.

Kameron's big brother Deandre plays center.

"They all have a job they're all assigned to a coach that tells them what to do, Hicks explained.

Kameron doesn't mind the work because he's rewarded handsomely for pushing the water bucket around the field.

"They eat pre-game with us and post game with us, Hicks said. They get shirts and things to wear so if I can do anything to help that's what I want to do and them being out here is probably one of the safest places they can be."

Kameron's Mom agrees and safety is one of the reasons she relies on this after school brotherhood.

"Macon has gotten to the point that you can get robbed in the middle of the day or in the middle of the afternoon and most of it's done by young kids," Blassingame said.

In 2014 Macon-Bibb saw 17 homicides. This year that number is up to 22 with two months left on the calendar.

Coach Hicks keeps a close eye on those stats.

"That's a piece I'm very sensitive about is when you live in a community and you're not bothered by things you see especially as an educator you're not doing your job," Hicks said.

Hicks ca'nt influence every student he meets, but he can do his part and that includes Kameron.

"I don't have to worry about where he is what he's going is be being influenced the wrong way because I know Coach is going to expect the best out of him as if these are his kids," Blassingame said.

For now, the little guy may not grasp the big picture.

But one day he will feel the power of growing up with guys that have his back... and care about his future.

"So at the end of the day our job goes further than teaching a power play or teaching somebody to get in a stance, Hicks said. We've got to be more than that we've got to be Fathers, husbands and neighbors."

By the way Kameron does have a father who's married to Demetrice. He works what they call a strenuous schedule, so the couple says they're thankful for Coach Hicks.