COLUMBIA, S.C. — There was a special and historic moment Saturday at Seawell's. 

The South Carolina Football Officials Association Hall Of Fame inducted two classes. 

The highlight was the 2017 Class. Granderson James, Rev. Doug Hudson and Sam Davis, Jr. became the first black officials to enter the hall of fame. 

This organization has been around for 75 years and a barrier was broken.

"The South Carolina Football Officials Association started way back in 1944 and there has not been any blacks, no African-Americans and this is a milestone," Davis, Jr said. "I'm so privileged. I'm so honored and words just can't explain it."

James has been in the organization for 48 years and he started officiated football games at the time of desegregation. He remembers those tough days but he also pays tribute to those who made his trailblazing moment possible.

"The story is too deep to really talk about right now because I have too many of my other black officials who have gone on to be with the Lord. But they are the main reason that I am here today and I will always keep them fresh in mind," James said. "This was a great affair. I enjoyed it but all the my thanks and glory goes to them."

In the 2018 Class Clemson product Terry Troutt and Bill Peter were the two officials to make it in.

All of the inductees are part of an elite group. You have to have at least officiated in 200 varsity games, 7 state championships and have 20 years of experience and you have to be highly rated. This trio was one of the best and also pioneering.

Hudson is also the Pastor of New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church and even he was at lost for words for the historic moment.

"It's an awesome situation. I'm overwhelmed," Hudson said. "I feel like I'm come a long way to do this. Just to be a part of this prestigious organization and to be part of this hall of game-I'm still trying to take it all in."

Classes are inducted every two years and hopefully there will be minorities who will be inducted into this hall of fame now that three have paved the way.