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Former Clemson star Horace Grant takes issue with "The Last Dance"

Grant says Michael Jordan's allegation that he provided sensitive information for a 1992 book is "a lie", calls Jordan "a damn snitch"
Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan (23), and Horace Grant (54) try to slow down Phoenix Suns Richard Dumas in the first quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Sunday, June 13, 1993, Chicago, Ill. (AP Photo/Mark Elias)

"The Last Dance" drew big ratings and big reaction from some of the parties involved whether they were former teammates of MJ or opponents.

Former Clemson forward Horace Grant was both.

Grant and Michael Jordan were teammates in Chicago from 1987-1993 and Grant won three of his four NBA titles in the Windy City. But their relationship apparently soured right before Jordan left basketball for baseball. In 1992, the book "The Jordan Rules" came out. Written by Sam Smith, the book did not paint Jordan in the best of light and Jordan reportedly blamed Grant for giving Smith most of his information for the controversial publication.

"I didn't contribute to that," Jordan said during a segment in "The Last Dance". 

"That was Horace. He was telling everything that was happening within the group."

On Tuesday, the Augusta native was interviewed by ESPN Radio in Chicago and he did not hold back in his response to Jordan's allegations.

Here is Grant's response in full - 

"That is a downright, outright, completely lie. Lie, lie, lie. And as I stated, if M.J. had a grudge with me, let's settle it like men. Let's talk about it, or we can settle it another way. Yet and still, he puts out this lie out that I was the source behind it. Sam and I have always been great friends, we're still great friends. But the sanctity of that locker room, I would never put anything personal out there. The mere fact that Sam Smith was an investigative reporter, that he had to have two sources -- two -- to write a book. Why would M.J. just point me out? 

It's only a grudge man, and I think he proved that during the so-called documentary. If you say something about him, he's gonna cut you off, he's gonna try to destroy your character. I mean, Charles Barkley, they've been friends for over 20, 30 years, and he said something about Michael's management with the Charlotte Bobcats or Charlotte Hornets, and they haven't spoken since then. 

My point is, he says I was the snitch, but still after 35 years he brings up his rookie year, going into one of his teammates rooms and seeing coke and weed and women. My point is, why did he want to bring that up? What does that got to do with anything? If you want to call somebody a snitch, that's a damn snitch right there."

The former ACC Player of the Year left the Bulls and spent five years in Orlando where the Magic would bounce the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs during Jordan's return to basketball from the diamond.

Grant would later win a fourth NBA title in 2001 with the Lakers.