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Gilbert High students win World Championship title in fishing

Tucker Veronee and Landon Gramling became World Champions at the 2020 Bass Fishing Championships.

GILBERT, S.C. — Two Gilbert High School students became World Champions at the 2020 Bass Fishing Championships in Wisconsin. 

Last Saturday, Tucker Veronee and his classmate Landon Gramling won the 2020 Bass Fishing Championships. 

Veronee says it was becoming a World Champion is something he has always wanted to achieve. 

"For all the support that we have here, it just really means a lot, to be a world champion and to do something for all of these people," Veronee said.

In addition to winning two very large trophies, the boys were also offered over $250,000 in scholarships. 

Gramling says the scholarship money will make going to college a lot easier financially. 

"For me, if I was going to go to college, it was going to have to be student loans, and I would probably end up having debt when I got out. But now I have a chance where I could probably go to college and not have that. " Gramling said. 

Tucker’s father, Chris Veronee, is the head fishing coach for the two boys. 

He said he's excited about what’s next for the boys and bass fishing in the state.

"Bass fishing is on the map now," Veronee says."Two guys from Gilbert, South Carolina went to Wisconsin and beat 312 people from all over the world for scholarships to go to college. That means something." 

The boys will look to become World Champs again at next year's tournament, which will take place at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.

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