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Cam Thomas’ historic breakout comes at the perfect time for the Nets | Locked On Nets

In three games without Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn's Cam Thomas became the youngest NBA player ever to score 40 or more points in three-straight games.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — While the Nets’ off-court chaos returns to the fore, young guard Cam Thomas is producing at a nearly unprecedented level as a scorer, scoring 134 points combined in the past three games. He becomes the youngest player in NBA history to have three straight 40+ point games.

The timing, while hectic, is perfect for Brooklyn, according to hosts Adam Armbrecht and Doug Norrie in Tuesday’s postgame edition of the Locked On Nets podcast.

“These are transcendent games. These are history-making games. Guys just don’t do this. It just doesn’t happen,” Norrie said. “No matter how high you were on Cam, the biggest Cam lover could not have seen … these two games.”

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Thomas hasn’t been able to get consistent playing time in Brooklyn since being drafted in 2021, and the Nets only got to see him at full force because Kyrie Irving was traded to Dallas on Sunday and Ben Simmons remains out with an injury.

“I don’t know if we give the Nets credit for it, because now in the last two games they’ve played, they’ve unleashed a monster on the league, and go, ‘it turns out we’ve been hiding … a 25-point scorer,” Armbrecht said on the show.

As for what it means for the future, despite how impressive and historic Thomas’ scoring has been, these games don’t necessarily mean Thomas has cemented himself as a star for Brooklyn going forward.

“The Nets are in kind of an amazing spot here, because I could see them dangling him now to really improve the team now around Durant, or you could feel pretty good about holding him, because they don’t have a lot of young players on this roster,” Norrie said.

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