After missing the last game with a sprained knee, Jake Bentley will be back in the lineup for the Gamecocks.

USC head football coach Will Muschamp made it official Thursday on his weekly radio call-in show as he discussed the benefit of having two quarterbacks who can get the job done.

"Jake's had a good week. Mike's had a good week. Jake will start the game," Muschamp said.

"All the confidence that he's going to play well. He's played a lot of good football for us here at South Carolina. Mike did a fantastic job with his opportunity. That's what you want to see. A young man that's been very patient in his time at South Carolina. He's always been a great teammate, always been great in the locker room. When you're number gets called, you've got to step up and play well and play at a high level."

Ultimately, it was the experience of Bentley that led Muschamp to put him back in the lineup. Muschamp had said this week if Bentley was healthy. he would go with the player approaching 30 starts.

"Jake's experienced and a guy that's played a lot of snaps and been through a lot," Muschamp said.

"At the end of the day, we've got two guys that we can win with. That's the positive thing. Two guys that you know can go out on game day and produce for our football team and play really good at quarterback. I've excited for both guys."