For the second time in three weeks, USC head football coach Will Muschamp will face a former supervisor.

Before he joined Mack Brown at Texas, Muschamp was Nick Saban's defensive coordinator at LSU and he followed Saban to the NFL's Miami Dolphins.

Muschamp says the way he runs his program very closely mirrors the way Saban runs his in Tuscaloosa. Case in point - Muschamp says he will treat preparing for Alabama the same way he prepared his team for Charleston Southern.

"I'll say this, one of the many things that I've learned from Nick is you treat every game as the same," Muschamp said. 

"That's the way he approaches it with his organization. That's the way he approaches it with every game, to maintain balance with the ebbs and flows of how you approach each game. You treat one game really, really important, then the next week is not really important.

"They're all important and, obviously, the players -- we probably had more juice during a Tuesday practice than we've had, and that's part of it. I was talking in terms of build up to game day and Saturday afternoon at 3:30. One of the many things that I learned from him, players understand the important games. They understand that, but you as a coach have to approach all of them as the same, because then your players will start choosing when they think it's important to play and when it's not important to play, then you create the ups and downs with your performance and you don't have consistency in your performance. I agree with him 100 percent on those things."

Kickoff is set for Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on CBS and News19.