COLUMBIA, S.C. — Starting tomorrow, basketball fans from all over the country will be flying and driving in to Columbia, especially with two number one seed teams playing at Colonial Life Arena.

Experience Columbia estimates 25,000 visitors will enjoy the capital city, impacting hotels, roads, and of course, the airport.

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“We’re excited," says Lynne Douglas with Columbia Metropolitan Airport. "We definitely have the welcome mat out, the welcome banners, floor clings all over the terminal welcoming them. Our partners with Experience Columbia will be out here beginning tomorrow for the next couple of days also with their welcoming group.”

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Douglas says Experience Columbia will have tables set up as visitors are headed to baggage claim to provide them with all of the information they need for the weekend, including all of the fun events going on around town.

Basketball fans are not the only people coming to and from Columbia, though. Regular customers will be attended to as usual.

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“And that’s something we do every day, that’s not foreign to us. We put our best foot forward every day," Douglas says. "We are all about customer service here. Whether it be your first time to Columbia or if you’re flying through here for the 50th time this year. We’re here to make it your best experience possible."

Columbia Metropolitan Airport has a few extra TSA employees scheduled towards the end of the week to help people flying out. But overall, they’re prepared and excited to welcome basketball fans to Columbia.