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Gamecock fans show off their lucky charms

Many fans know the USC women's basketball team can win it all-- but just to be safe many continue wearing their lucky charms.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Excited fans returned to the Colonial Life Area as the Gamecocks won their first round for the NCAA Women's Championship.

While many fans feel the team can go all the way many showed off what they believe are lucky charms to make sure the team goes all the way.

“I wore my lucky shoes, I got my Gamecock shoes on, every time I've worn them the Gamecock has won,” says Gamecock fan David Anderson. 

“Last year when Under Armor came out with the jersey I bought the Aaliyah Boston and Camila Cordoza jerseys and I put on the Cordoza jersey and they haven’t lost since. So I've got it on under here, the Camila Cordoza jersey as they are called, and I have been wearing it ever since so it's been a good luck charm and I'm not going to change now,” says Gamecock fan Kathy Norton.


Many fans rocked the garnet and black, and even green from head to toe to make sure the Gamecocks continue on. 

“Every game I wear a lucky pin that either has one of the girls on it or Gamecocks women's basketball or Dawn Staley on it and that’s my little lucky charm, Go Gamecocks,” says Lila Cromer.

While most hope their lucky charms help the team win, the rest say it's the players on the court. 

“I just know the girls are going to come out and play their best and  they are gonna win like they have done all season long,” says Gamecock fan Carmelita Williams 

The team will play South Florida on Sunday at Colonial Life Arena at 1 pm. 

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