COLUMBIA, S.C. — Clemson graduate transfer running back Tavien participated in his second practice with the Gamecocks on Tuesday wearing number four in the garnet and black.

Tavien was choosing between South Carolina and Virginia Tech for his last year of college football and we'll soon found out if this process and transaction will work out for Tavien and USC.

Carolina has been searching for a star running back to take the number one spot but it's been done by committee so far during the last few seasons. Some of that has been due to injuries and no tail back really taking the role of the every down back.

Tavien was looking for his opportunity to be the top back after leaving Clemson so this could be a perfect storm. But there aren't any major expectations on Tavien right now. The coaches just want him to do one thing.

"Just to work hard. We don't put anymore on our players than to bring the best version of themselves everyday. If they do that we'll be fine, " USC head coach Will Muschamp said.

Muschamp went on to say, "he's a hard worker and talented young man. We're excited he's here."

Muschamp talked more about his new running back after practice and says getting Tavien to Columbia was a smooth process, he feels Tavien will help the team and help raise competition at the running back position. That's an indication on what's been going on throughout the roster.

"We need to improve and get better there's no doubt about it and anytime you have more competition that certainly helps you. But that 's what I told the team after practice today we have more good players on the practice field which helps with competitive energy, depth, all the things that goes into having a good football team."