It's natural for fans and sports pundits to look ahead to the big time matchups on a team's schedule. South Carolina will host Clemson next weekend in primetime but this weekend there is another challenge for the Gamecocks. The Wofford Terriers.

The Terriers are coming off of a Southern Conference Championship and will be making their 8th trip to the FCS Playoffs. They have one of the best running attacks in the country. Averaging 260 yards rushing per game which is better than the Georgia Bulldogs.

South Carolina will have to stay disciplined against Wofford's triple option running attack. Almost anyone can have the ball and it makes defenses confused.

TJ Brunson, USC's middle linebacker, said he hasn't played against an option offense since his Richland Northeast High School Days.

Senior linebacker Skai Moore knows the option offense too well. He remembers when the Citadel beat USC in Williams Brice in 2015. He's been telling his teammates not overlook this Wofford team.

"They pretty much run the same type of offense so getting off the cut blocks, being gap sound and playing with our hands and getting off blocks and stuff is the main thing we have to do," Moore said.

Will Muschamp is big on preparation and he was able to get a head start on the Terriers months ago.

“We addressed that situation this morning. I leaned on a lot of the experience of the football team that went through that. It starts with your preparation. That’s what’s most important, to prepare the right way. The proper preparation prevents poor performance in a lot of situations. That’s where we start. That’s all we can control right now is our preparation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday leading up to game day."

Game day USC is Saturday at 4 pm in Williams Brice Stadium.