Something can be said for longevity. USC men's soccer coach Mark Berson is the true definition of that word. He received a pleasant surprise Monday afternoon.

Joined by family, friends, USC coaches and his team the City of Columbia honored Mark with the Key To the City.

Mark was honored for his accomplishments during his 40 years at Carolina.

Berson started the men's program back in 1978 and has been South Carolina's only coach. He has 499 career wins and has complied 34 winning seasons. He was humbled and gracious in receiving the highest honor from the city.

"The accolades, the things we've been able to achieve over the years belong to those players and this community," Berson said. "I'm really not the one who should be receiving the award. The award should go to all the people who made this program great through the years and I appreciate it very much."

Coach Berson and the Gamecocks return to the pitch against UAB on Friday with a Conference-USA tournament spot on the line.