ATLANTA — Falcons owner Arthur M. Blank might not have a Super Bowl/Lombardi Trophy in his Buckhead office. But he does have a superyacht to visit - a palatial palace to call home when traveling the world by sea.

Check this out: According to TMZ, Blank's $180 million boat, measuring approximately 240 feet in length – or 80 yards on a football field – has the capacity to accommodate 23 guests, plus another 33 crew members. 

From an amenities standpoint, the "DreAMBoat" (with Blank's corporation letters, AMB, getting capital treatment) includes 11 luxurious cabins, a hot tub on the ship's deck and a swimming pool that seemingly goes on forever.

Here's a video offering of Blank's pricey new toy, which apparently doesn't include a helipad for helicopter-bound visitors. 

But who knows, Blank can always authorize renovations to the $180 million boat ... which has the commensurate price tag of 10 different versions of old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (constructed in 1966 for $18 million).

Blank isn't the only NFL owner making yacht-related headlines these days. 

Redskins owner Dan Snyder bought a $100 million yacht (which includes an IMAX theater) and Cowboys owner/Hall of Famer Jerry Jones recently became the proud owner of a $250 million mega-yacht.

What's in Jones' waterborne paradise? According to Forbes, the other dream boat boasts a sauna, steam room, massage room, plunge pool and rain shower, along with a complete gym and "generous and luxurious beach club."