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'Every day is just such a blessing to be out there' | 1-on-1 with Panthers CB Jaycee Horn

Horn is back, healthy and ready to show why he belongs in the NFL.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers cornerback Jaycee Horn is back and 100% healthy for his sophomore season with the Carolina Panthers after suffering a foot injury in the team’s Week 3 matchup against Houston last year that cut his rookie campaign short.

Horn joined WCNC Charlotte’s Ashley Stroehlein for a conversation about his goals for year two, his aspirations for his career and more.

Q: “Well, first off, just how are you feeling - back to 100%?”

A: “Yes, I'm feeling good. It's a blessing to be back on two feet running around, again to compete with my teammates, like, every day is just such a blessing to be out there.”

Q: “And obviously, that [injury] was hard for you to deal with -- you come out the first three games you're starting, you're making plays, tackles, interceptions, all of that. But you know, in every, I guess, negative moment in our life, there's always a positive. So, what was that like for you? What lesson did you learn from going through that?”

A: “Really patience, I'd say that's the biggest lesson I learned. You know, it gave me a bigger love for the game. You know, I love football, but when I had to sit out for a year, that was the first time I had a major injury. When I came back, like this time now, it's just showing me how much more I love the game. It helped me appreciate it more. It’s helped me take it more seriously. So, it's a blessing.”

Q: “Coach Rhule calls you a football junkie. How would you describe yourself? And what do you think about him calling you that?”

A: “To me, it’s normal because people have been saying that since I was 9 years old. All I want to watch is football on YouTube or watch ESPN, something to do with sports. So, for me, it's normal. You know, I go home and that's the first thing I'm doing you know, watching practice, you know, watching some other games. So, football is fun, so I love watching.”

Q: “Since you didn't get to complete your full rookie season, do you still feel like a rookie? Or where do you feel like you're at in year two? What's your headspace?”

A: “Kind of in the middle, I kind of still feel like a rookie from off the field standpoint, but on the field, everything slowed down for me. You know, I'm having a great OTAs, not that it was bad last year just slower. So, I'm able to read stuff more. I'm learning information. So, everything's going good right now.”

Q: “When you look at what you want your NFL career to be what type of player do you think you can be in this league?”

A: “For me, I want to be the best to ever do it at the cornerback position, you know, that's my goal. That's been my goal since you know, I started playing corner and just to go down as one of the greats, you know, win some Super Bowls along the way. Everybody dreams, so, I'm just trying to conquer all that.”

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