ATLANTA — The Super Bowl came and left Atlanta. But some of those who worked the big event say they still haven't been paid what they are owed more than two months later.

“I moved, ended up having to move back to North Carolina cause I could not afford my rent here, my car was repossessed, and yeah, so now I’m just kind of living penny to penny now," DeMiro Johnson told 11Alive's Elwyn Lopez

Johnson says he had to move back in with his parents after not receiving what he says BE Staffing Service owes him. He says the agency owes him approximately $3,000 for his work leading up to the Super Bowl. 

Johnson was one of dozens of workers who waited for hours at the Fulton County Courthouse on Monday to meet one-on-one with BE Staffing Service's representatives. The individual meetings were arranged by the Fulton County District Attorney's office to help resolve the dispute. 

“Today is for everybody to meet with her individually and make sure that everybody is on the same page, and then she will give you the details about payment," said Deputy District Attorney Brad Malkin. 

In early March, the Fulton County District Attorney's office gathered some of the workers after they decided to look into the matter. D.A. Paul Howard Jr. said they arranged with one of the judges to use their courtroom so they could talk to the workers and interview them individually, but two attorneys with BE Staffing Service ended up showing up with checks for those workers. 


However, there were no checks issued this time around. 

One couple who came in from Kansas City to get paid said they have now been promised payment by late September. 

BE Staffing Service's attorney, Corey Martin, says the reason they are meeting with these workers to resolve this is because there are discrepancies. 

“Because there is some issues with hours, some issues with their taxes, that they knew taxes were taken out or not, so that’s why we are here," Martin explained. "We are cooperating. We are making sure that everyone here is made whole, if that’s an issue. And that’s the purpose of being here."


Some of the workers say that the issue being brought up now by the staffing agency is the hourly wage agreed upon. The workers say the hourly rate was between $14 and $20. 

Once some of the former staffers realized they weren't getting paid on Monday, they say they were planning on filing a police report.  

So far, no charges have been filed against the staffing agency. 

The NFL told 11Alive in February that the agency had assured them the staffers would be "fully compensated."