Walt Disney World is not on the docket for the USC women's tennis team who is in Orlando for the NCAA quarterfinals.

The fourth-ranked Gamecocks face fifth-ranked Duke Friday afternoon at the USTA National Campus. This is the first trip to the quarterfinals for the program since 2009 and the first for head coach Kevin Epley who says his players have a mindset of not being satisfied just to be making the trip to Orlando.

"You could see even when we won against Southern Cal the other day to get to the Elite 8, a little subdued compared to responses in the past," said Epley.

"I just think that's a testament to that they believe they belong there and I think that's the key is first of all believing that is the group of competition you should be in."

Carolina went 3-0 at home to advance to the quarterfinals defeating North Florida, Virginia and Southern Cal.