This time last year, USC head baseball coach Mark Kingston did not know what kind of atmosphere would be waiting on his team at Founders Park.

Oh, he had an idea. He had been told the park can get electric and he had seen video. But after experiencing that first game as USC's head coach and then a full season, Kingston has taken notice of everything that is the Founders Park package.

"I just love the buzz in the ball park," Kingston said.

"I love watching our guys come in from center field, our fans come in from center field. I love how they come in from center field and they can go left, they can go right and you see the fans kind of swarming towards the center of the ball park behind home plate. I just love that there's so many areas. You have the kids up in the playground. You have our season ticket holders behind home plate. You have other people that love to walk the concourse. I just love all of it. There's such a buzz in the ball park. To me, opening day in baseball at every level is very special and Founders Park definitely does it right."