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Georgia DNR reminds public not to rescue fawns after "pet" brought to Walmart

The state's DNR echoes what many tell the public this time of year: Fawns that appear "abandoned" by their mothers probably aren't.
Credit: Law Enforcement Division - Georgia DNR
Deer brought to Walmart in Columbia County, Georgia

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. — A common refrain of game wardens around the country was repeated again on Friday - with an unusual twist - as two people brought their "pet" deer with them to an east Georgia Walmart.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources posted a security video still showing two people, their faces blurred out, leaving Walmart with a few items in their cart. And one of them had a fawn under their arm.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office ultimately contacted DNR game wardens about the two and he was able to track them down. 

The deer was turned over to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and the two were issued a citation for possession of wildlife without a permit.

The DNR took the opportunity to also remind the public that fawns that appear to be "abandoned" by their mother usually aren't and should be left alone. And while not expressly mentioned, leaving wild animals alone would also include not bringing them into Walmart.

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