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Fox runs onto field during Red River Showdown

Texas and Oklahoma saw the end zone a lot during the Red River Showdown and so did a four-legged furry friend.

DALLAS — As if there weren't enough theatrics in Saturday's Red River Showdown, a fox stole the show on Twitter early in the game. 

Those watching the UT-OU rivalry were thoroughly entertained from start to finish. Texas stole the show at the beginning with a massive 28-7 lead in the first quarter. Oklahoma stole the show late with 25 unanswered points and the walk off touchdown with one second left. And this fox stole the show online in the middle.  

The end zone was frequented many times at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday: Texas scored six times, as did Oklahoma. The fox? Well ... it depends on who you ask.

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In a video on Twitter, you can see the furry fox beeline for the Oklahoma-painted end zone. It's just too bad the score won't count since the fox stepped out at the 4-yard line.


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