The South Carolina State Bulldogs are picking up the pieces from their 14-8 loss to Southern University on Sunday.

The Bulldogs were a wide open touchdown catch away from completing a fourth quarter comeback. Head coach Buddy Pough says they had other chances to win the game and the costly drop by Jermaine Baxley wasn't the reason they lost.

Sunday was a tough day for the Bulldogs but they may have learned an important lesson to start the year.

"They say you need to get a win behind you because you want to try to see if you can go on and work on getting better. But sometimes you need to get a loss behind you maybe even faster. You can brutalize yourself in such a way that you can't get out of it," Pough said.

"So you can't get too high, can't too low on this game and that might be one of the life lessons that you learn from this game. They come real fast, they seem to come faster when you're having issues so we need to fix whatever we got to fix so we can move on to the next task."

The next task for South Carolina State will be Charleston Southern. They host the Buccaneers for a 6pm kickoff this Saturday in Orangeburg.