Two Gamecocks, a Tiger and a Panther were on a stage Tuesday morning at the Richland Two Institute of Innovation in Northeast Columbia. The reason for their joint appearance was an event hosted by Capital Waste Management and it was an open forum where they gave area youngsters practical advice on how to respond to bullying.

The event - "Bullies Never Win: Empowering Kids and Building Confidence" - brought Pro Football Hall of Famer Dan Marino, Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers from USC, former Clemson All-American and two-time Super Bowl champion Jim Stuckey and USC athletics director Ray Tanner who led the baseball program to back-to-back national championships.

Stuckey had the most personal story of the four as the Cayce native told a story of being bullied as a freshman at Airport High School. Stuckey says fortunately for him, he had coaches who served as mentors who helped him deal with the situation.

The men not only gave the youngsters advice on how to deal with bullying, the kids also received advice on pursuing their goals in life.