USC head football coach Will Muschamp is about to begin one of his favorite days of the year - the first day of preseason practice. It's a part of the grind which Muschamp absolutely loves.

He also loves where his program is right now compared to where it was when he took over and the roster is one that is filled mostly with players Muschamp recruited with a few exceptions. 

"There are two really important factors, in my opinion, of the really good teams and the championship teams that I have been a part of," Muschamp said. 

"Number one, they've got really good, competitive and quality depth on their roster. That creates competition on your team, it creates a competitive atmosphere when a young man walks in a building every day, whether that is in the meeting room, the weight room or on the practice field, he's got to compete. He's got to compete and he's got to bring it. That creates consistency and it drives performance. We have vastly improved ourselves in that department as we move in to this fall; with multiple good players in good positions to create more competition and that's what you've got to have. The second thing is leadership."

Muschamp feels the leadership in the senior class is off the charts given how they have set the tone in the summer workouts.

"This is a senior class that has over 200 starts," Muschamp said. 

"I think there are eight guys that have over 20 starts, so guys that have played a lot of quality football at a high level. Really proud of these guys, really the ownership is a huge part of leadership. The ownership they have taken on our team, to hold themselves, first of all them but also their teammates accountable, to a championship standard. That's what you've got to have to be successful."

With USC media day in the books, the team now turns to the first preseason workout which is set for Friday morning.