COLUMBIA, S.C. — The United States Women's Soccer Team are at the top of the soccer world once again. 

On Sunday, the team defeated The Netherlands 2-0, winning their second straight World Cup Championship. 

And the team's success has led to a heightened interest in women's soccer across the country. 

According to, the team's jersey is the best selling soccer jersey in the history of the company's website, and that interest propelled the team to scoring a FIFA Women's World Cup record 26 goals during the tournament.

Shelley Smith, Head Women's Soccer coach at the University of South Carolina, says the team's impact is even felt in South Carolina. 

"I've seen it grow throughout my time playing," Smith says."I played with boys when I started playing and now you see so many more opportunities for young girls and I think it is amazing for them to have these women to look up to and see what they can do."

And similar to Women Soccer players and Women Soccer fans, Coach Smith wants to see Women Soccer players compensated equally for their efforts. 

"When you represent the country and you're winning at the highest level there should be some equity there," Coach Smith says."These women work just as hard as the men and it's nice to see women stand up for themselves and make a change and help not only this current team but teams coming behind them."

The team currently has a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation alleging gender discrimination. That lawsuit is expected to go into litigation soon.

The team will be honored in a parade in New York City on Wednesday.