When a team prepares to face an opponent that runs a triple-option attack on offense, the defense has to have a mindset to stay upright. With cut blocks part of the play. USC head football coach Will Muschamp is hoping his defense remembers the principles that will be laid out in practice. The first rule is to play the blocks, not the ball.

"So many times, you get your eyes focused on the ball carrier and that's when you get 'Ginsued'. That's when you get cut," Muschamp said.

"The big emphasis to me is you've got to play the block first, because if you're on the ground, we're playing with 10. That's what you've got to be able to do. You've got to stay on your feet, give ground if you have to, keep your back leg out of it, all the coaching points.'

Muschamp added that just because Wofford is this week's opponent, it doesn't mean working on cut blocks hasn't been a part of previous practices.

"You know, we work on cut blocks, not just this week, every week," he said.

"On the perimeter, you know teams are going to cut you on the perimeter. We put a huge emphasis on the back side of plays, especially starting back with N.C. State, the first ballgame of the year. They're going to cut you out of the back side.

"This is not a different week for us as far as the emphasis of cut blocks."