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Off The Air: Drag in the South

October 5 is the Famously Hot South Carolina Pride festival and we spoke to some Queens who talked about the festival and performing in drag.
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SC Pride

COLUMBIA, S.C. — October 5 is the 30th annual Pride Festival here in Columbia  and Drag Queens will be front and center for this year's festivities. 

OFF THE AIR's Leroy Green checks in with our local Drag community on how they feel and where they stand. 

To help us we have invited Anaya Devour and Elena DeVore to dish and discuss.

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If you have questions about the LGBTQ+ community a great resource is the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center right in Columbia.   They can be reached by telephone at 803-771-7713 or email at info@HarrietHancockCenter.org or click here for their website. 

If you would like information and schedule of events for Famously Hot South Carolina Pride go to their website here