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Elementary Girls Receive Training In Web Coding

One woman is helping elementary aged girls with web programming.
The layout for WebGyrlz code.

COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX)---As a young girl, Shambi Broome liked computer sciences, but felt alone because there were very few girls who took an interest in computers. Now the mother of two is trying to make sure her girls don't have to share her experience.

"Their both of course into technology. I was always into technology and I see with my oldest she is kind of like how I was. She holds back a lot in class," said Broome.

Which is why she is starting Webgyrlz code, a program designed to break down web coding for elementary aged girls, explaining computer science on their level.

"She is someone that's my age that knows how to do this," says one student.

That's where "Lucy" comes in to help girls like Emily. "Lucy" is a fictional character who appears on screen during the instruction to help students learn.

"She is sorta explaining it of me like she is one of my friends helping me with home work. They are explaining it to me and everything. She is just like me," said Emily.

"I really wanted them to have another web girl that they could relate to but also give them that visual so that if they go home they can remember, okay. Its started with her head, I need my head tags. Then the body, I need my body tags," said Broome.

The program is only a few months old, but with help, Broome is piloting a five session program. Teaching girls like Gabriella Marant the ins and outs of web coding.

"It made me feel artistic," said Gabrielle, another student.. "And it made me feel like I can do more than what I really thought. I could and it make me want to do more coding and computer science."

"They will have built a compete website," said Broome. " Pictures and all of the fun stuff strictly with code and my goal is to do that with the school districts, different community groups, home school groups."

Broome presented her business at One Million Cups where entrepreneurs in the Midlands get together over coffee to discuss their ideas. View Story One Million Cups

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