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Leak from chicken truck mistaken for deceased person on Columbia highway, SCHP says

The call, which likely led first-responders to expect a tragedy, ended up being something very different.
Credit: KUSA

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A serious emergency call led to an unusual find - and a significant police presence - in the area of I-77 and Leesburg Road in Columbia on Thursday.

But, fortunately, it ended up being a bit less concerning than the initial call led them to believe.

News19 followed up with Columbia Police and the South Carolina Highway Patrol on Thursday after uncovering photos and video taken by motorists in the area of I-77 and Leesburg Road. 

The social media posts showed vehicles from both agencies lined along a ramp in the area with the posters wondering what was going on.

SCHP later told News19 that a truck carrying chicken had a relatively small spill on the road which someone apparently mistook for a deceased person. As such, troopers arrived at the scene and Columbia Police assisted.

The result, however, turned out to be a well-meaning emergency call that was, thankfully, not what it appeared to be.

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