A cold front will be pushing through the Midlands on Saturday and it will be in the region for some time. The front will move back and forth over the Midlands putting the area frequently in different air masses. It will be warm at times and chilly at others. A cold air wedge is likely to be in place over the Midlands on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Those will be the coldest days.

The weather pattern across the country will be wet over the southern U.S. and cold over the northern portions of the country. Thus there will be a chance for rain every day over the next week. Rainfall is likely to be light, but amounts over the next 7 days are likely to be in the range of 1 to 3 inches. The greatest rainfall will be over the northern Midlands.

This pattern is likely to last into the next weekend. Therefore, little sunshine is expected over the next ten days. No freezing temperatures are expected during this time as well.