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Unveiling the 'Da Vinci Glow': Witness Earthshine's radiance and Leonardo's discovery - in South Carolina

There’s a unique event with the moon that you might be able to see in the night sky starting this weekend. It’s called the ‘Da Vinci Glow.’

COLUMBIA, S.C. — When you hear the name “Leonardo da Vinci,” you might think of the Mona Lisa painting or the Renaissance age. 

A lesser-known accomplishment of Da Vinci was solving the ancient riddle of Earthshine, according to NASA.

Earthshine, also known as the ‘Da Vinci Glow,’ occurs when the moon is positioned along the horizon, allowing Earth’s light to illuminate its surface. 

Our own planet lights up the lunar night 50 times brighter than a full moon, NASA says. This phenomenon creates the appearance of a faint glow of the moon. Earthshine was given the nickname 'Da Vinci Glow' after the artist first depicted this radiant effect in his drawings.

NASA says that in the Northern Hemisphere, the best time to witness the 'Da Vinci Glow' is April through May. As for the Midlands, our best viewing opportunities will be this Sunday through Tuesday. 

With the moon in its waxing crescent phase and the 'Da Vinci Glow,' our region should be able to see the faint glow of the rest of the moon.

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