If you think July was hot, you aren't alone. About 7 billion others would agree.

It was the hottest month worldwide on record, according to NASA's global average surface temperatures. Such data has been recorded since 1880.

July was 1.51 degrees higher than average. The previous record-holder for hottest month was July 2011.

July's record-breaking heat follows a wave of shattered records this year — the first six months of the year have been the warmest half-year on record.

Rising temperatures have caused some unusual effects in North America, including spurring cockroaches to fly. A study looking at extreme climate events in 2014 reported global warming played a role in a severe flood in Canada, leading some to say the same about the recent Louisiana flooding.

In July, the average temperature in the USA was 75.3 degrees, nearly 2 degrees hotter than the 20th century average, the NOAA reported. In Florida, the statewide average rose 3 degrees to 84 degrees, making it the second warmest month on record and the hottest July on record.

Data from both NOAA and NASA indicate the Earth is well on its way to its warmest year on record, so brace yourself for the rest of August.