COLUMBIA, S.C. — People are used to temperatures being hot in the afternoons across the Midlands, but our mornings are also getting warmer than they have been historically. Tuesday morning, the low temperature of 78° tied the record for highest morning low for August 13, which was set back in 2010.

Record Low

The average low temperature for this time of year is 72°, making Tuesday mornings low significantly warmer than what we are used to experiencing during August.

According to a new report out by Climate Central, the low temperature in Columbia during the summer time has risen 4.7° since 1970.

Summer night lows

It's not just the Midlands where morning lows are on the rise. Across the country, temperatures are warming both in the mornings and the afternoons as the climate changes as well. Climate Central reports that the United States as a whole has seen an increase in morning low temperatures of 1.8° since 1970.

You may be wondering why tracking morning low temperatures is so important. These temperatures may be a better indication of our changing climate more so than the afternoon highs. Climate Central reports that since 2010, there have been 34% more record high minimums than record high maximums. This information according to NOAA data compiled by meteorologist Guy Walton.

Mornings with warmer temperatures is not just a nuisance for people, but also a health hazard. People's bodies need to recover from the heating of the day, and that typically happens at night. With lows not dropping like they typically do, it's harder for people to rest properly. Even if you live with air conditioning and are not as concerned with the morning lows, you will be feeling the price of this change when it comes to your energy bills. As our climate continues to warm, prices will continue to climb when it comes to energy consumption.