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What to do when a tree falls in your yard or neighborhood

The City of Charlotte has some advice for homeowners when storms or other events bring down trees unexpectedly.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Even the sturdiest of tree limbs and branches can be no match for the power of Mother Nature, especially during severe weather. 

Even just a slight amount of wind or a little rain can be enough to bring down some towering trees if they're diseased or otherwise compromised. In Charlotte, downed trees are fairly common during storms, especially on the south side of town. 

As Tropical Storm Zeta moved across the Carolinas Thursday, the City of Charlotte Tree Management organization offered some important tips for if you find a downed tree on your home, in your yard or blocking a road.

First, you should always check your homeowner's insurance policy. Often times, a fallen tree won't be covered, and it's typically the fault of the policyholder, not the insurance company. You should also inspect any trees on your property that are dead or dying before a storm hits. Insurance companies may deny your claim if a dead tree or limb falls.

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For emergency tree situations, always call 911. This includes a tree that has fallen on your home or power lines, as well as trees that are obstructing or completely blocking roads. 

If it's a non-emergency, the City of Charlotte has a form you can fill out to report the damage. There are also options to report a hanging limb for inspection. To be clear, the form does not include inspections for trees on private property, only on land belonging to the City. 

You can also track the status of a downed tree and any limb requests in the past 14 days with an interactive map provided by the City.  

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