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Watch out Fred: Hurricane-fighting drones deployed to face the storm

These bright orange sailboat lookalikes are built to surround and enter the storm from all sides.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Hurricane-hunting drones that look like bright orange sailboats could be the new way to get information on storms, in addition to the well-known hurricane-hunting airplanes.

Saildrones, drones in the ocean, are made to face some of the strongest storms on the planet, reports CBS News

If successful, they will be able to show the first-ever video from the ocean's surface inside hurricanes.

These drones in the ocean might be able to increase the chances of warning people on shore, Saildrone founder and CEO Richard Jenkins told CBS correspondent Ben Tracy.

"This could be transformational in how we understand how storms develop, and increase our chances of warning people on shore of what danger they might face," Jenkins said.

Saildrones go straight to the engine of the storm, which is where the sea and the air meet, Tracy reported. More in-depth information about how strong the storm is and where it might be headed can be found through the drones.

Five hurricane hunter drones are being deployed - three from the Caribbean and two from Florida, according to CBS News.

They are designed to be able to stay intact through powerful storms.

Whenever the next hurricane forms in the Atlantic, the drones will travel up to 50 miles per day, until they can enter the storm from all sides.

Tests have already been conducted in rough waters. There has not been a hurricane to deploy the drones in as of now, Jenkins tells CBS News.

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