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More Midlands tornadoes confirmed

The storm surveys from the NWS will continue Thursday.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The National Weather Service continues to survey damage from the Tuesday's tornado outbreak.

The NWS in Columbia confirmed a tornado touched down in Lexington County Tuesday near Gaston. The tornado moved to the Sandy Run community causing minor damage.

The survey team confirmed the EF1 tornado had a path length of just under six miles. The widest portion of the tornado was about 40 yards.

According the NWS, the tornado was on the ground for about nine minutes Tuesday evening. The tornado touched down along 321 just north of Gaston.

The tornado brought down several large branches and damaged a highway sign. The storm continued to move northeast near Ball Park Road.

The most significant damage began near the Lexington and Calhoun County line. It brought down numerous large limbs, uprooted trees and snapped a few pine trees.

The tornado continued northeast to Plantation Estates Road. It uprooted and snapped several pine trees. It ended just before reaching the Congaree River.

Credit: WLTX

The NWS storm survey team confirmed an EF2 tornado moved from northern Aiken County into southern Lexington County. The tornado had a path length just under six miles with a maximum path width of 100 yards. The peak wind associated with the tornado was 130 mph.  

The tornado touched down near the intersection of Holder Road and Huckleberry Finn Road. The tornado move quickly to the northeast crossing Holder Road and moving along Fishhook Lane. 

Credit: WLTX

The storm continued northeast moving through the swampy area at the headwaters of the North Fork of the Edisto River that includes Shirley
Branch and Chinquapin Creek. 

The tornado then crossed I-20 just west of mile marker 39, near exit 39. The tornado then crossed highway 178, Fairview Highway, as it continued northeast toward Live Oak Road and Annie Hallman Road.   

The tornado produced a path of downed branches, uprooted trees and snapped trees. The most significant damage occurred along Holder Road and Fishhook Lane. The tornado damaged three homes and downed power lines in the area. 

A small wooden home lost a portion of it's metal roof. A home was partially pushed off its foundation. Some of the supporting piers collapsed and the home had signs of buckling along the side and rear walls. This home is where the one injury occurred, as the roof partially collapsed. 

The third home was damaged when a tree fell on the roof. There were numerous downed, uprooted and snapped trees around the 3 homes. The area was initially inaccessible until county clean up crews arrived.   

The tornado continued northeast along fishhook lane where significant tree damage occurred. There were numerous large hardwood and softwood trees that were snapped at the end of Fishhook Lane. A small metal shed was destroyed. A rusted antique car was moved approximately 50 feet  where it had resided in the shed. A car engine was moved approximately 35 feet from where it resided in the shed. 

The home on the property had a couple of small areas of damage where the wooden siding was removed.   

The tornado continue northeast and moved across the North Fork of the Edisto River and then crossed I-20 near mile marker 39. There was significant tree damage along the westbound lanes of I-20. Several trees were uprooted and snapped in the vicinity.   

The tornado moved northeast crossing highway 178 and produced some minor damage to the roof and underpinning of two homes and uprooted a few small trees along Annie Hallman Road. 

The tornado finally dissipated just beyond the intersection of Annie Hallman Road and Live Oak Road

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