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It's 'No Mow May'

This month, many homeowners are participating in "No Mow May," a movement that encourages people to skip mowing their lawns in May.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — Grass lawns, while aesthetically pleasing, may not ideal for the environment according to experts.

"No Mow May" is an initiative aimed at preserving natural grasses and giving them the opportunity to grow and thrive.

By skipping mowing for just one month, homeowners can create a safe haven for a variety of insects, including bees, butterflies, and moths say scientists. These insects, in turn, provide crucial pollination services that are necessary for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

By reducing the mowing frequency from 15 to 10 times per year, researchers found, less mowing could lead to a reduction in pests. As well as cost savings of as much as 36% from not using as much fuel for mowers and fertilizers.

In addition to helping the environment, "No Mow May" can also help combat climate change. 

Traditional lawns can require a lot of water and fertilizer, which can contribute to water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions say experts. By letting natural grasses grow, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and help improve air and water quality.


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